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Amarcort Film Festival 15th edition - Rimini (italy) - November 2022

Amarcort Film Festival 15th edition - Rimini (italy) - November 2022

November 2022 - RIMINI (ITALY)

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May 18th, 9 pm - Cinema Tiberio, Rimini

Finalist Archibald's Syndrome

Title: Archibald's Syndrome
Author: Daniel Perez
Country: Francia

Captain T

Title: Captain T
Author: Andrea Walts
Country: Italia

Drugs and chocolates

Title: Drugs and chocolates
Author: Edmundo Barraza
Country: USA


Title: Flora
Author: Chaerin Im
Country: Corea del Sud


Title: Homeless
Author: Luca Esposito
Country: Italia

In full bloom

Title: In full bloom
Author: Maegan Houang
Country: USA

Nursery Rhymes

Title: Nursery Rhymes
Author: Michael Kam
Country: Singapore


Title: Re-Animal!
Author: Rubén Garcerá
Country: Spagna

Under the balcony

Title: Under the balcony
Author: Marcela Cossíos
Country: Perù

Zweiheit (Twoness)

Title: Zweiheit (Twoness)
Author: Lara Torp
Country: Germania